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Full Sail Financial

Full Sail Financial & Insurance Services

Providing individuals, families, and business owners with high quality financial knowledge for over 10 years.


We're Here to Make Your Financial Journey Easier

Whether it's on a family, businesses, or individual basis, Full Sail Financial has you covered.

Full Sail Financial Custom

Custom to You

At Full Sail Financial, we start by getting a full picture of your current financial situation and from there
we explore your personal goals and objectives.

Only with a good understanding of what your goals are, can we begin to formulate a financial strategy that meets your needs and stay within your personal risk tolerance.

Whether it's retiring early or being able to financially support your child's education, we're here to help you with that.

Full Sail Process

The Process

We begin formulating your strategy with the basics by gaining knowledge about your baseline budget and your estimated budget for your future retirement needs.

Then we look at your projected guaranteed income from social security, pensions, rental income, etc.

If there is a gap in income to your budget, we formulate a plan that fills that gap from your existing assets. Inflation and discretionary needs are
accounted for as well.

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Business Owners

Business financial planning is not much different than planning for individuals or families.

The biggest difference is that there are numerous opportunities that a business owner can take advantage of due to tax laws.

Our goal is to help you keep the financial side of your business in good shape, even if that means a full analysis of your business' spending from top to bottom.

We're committed to helping you navigate your financials. 

Full Sail Financial Meeting

Bringing you quality financial services at affordable rates

Full Sail Financial and Insurance Services is a holistic financial planning firm. Our approach encompasses everything in your financial life. 

We have found that it all interconnects, and when properly
coordinated, each part enhances the others and ultimately improves the outcome.
We offer personal planning and business planning.

Insurance is Important

Having a protection plan is a smart route for our clients, and it's our job to help steer them in the right direction.

Having a well thought out insurance plan can make your retirement plan self-fulfilling in the event of a disability, long term care event, or a sudden death.

 At Full Sail Financial, we work with your business and its financials to ensure that it can succeed and perform at its highest.

The foundation of every successful financial strategy is having the proper insurance in place to fit your needs. Use our calculator to determine your insurance needs.

Full Sail Financial
Full Sail Financial

About Clark

Clark Snitko-Full Sail Financial

Clark has run his own business in Arizona for over twenty years, before moving to California in 1999. He
was the Vice President for one of the largest contractors on the west coast subcontracting for several
trades for various home builders.

When the housing crash of 2008 hit, he maintained working and built market share for his company in Northern California. Eventually, though the company did not make it through the recession, and he set out in a new career as a financial advisor.


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